This is celebrated on every 1st October internationally since 1991 and this year’s celebrations will mark 30years of celebrating the elderly.
This year’s celebrations will run on a theme “DIGITAL EQUITY FOR ALL AGES” where Digital Equity is a condition in which all individuals and communities have the information technology capacity needed for full participation in the society, democracy and economy. And with this year’s theme put into practice, the elderly will be able to compete well with the young adults in their societies and the rest of the world digitally as the whole world is embracing a digital lifestyle therefore they won’t ever feel left out or less important anymore with such technological skills.
While the COVID-19 pandemic came with much more changes to social life including limiting physical meetings so as to observe the SOPs, the elderly were more affected by the changes since many of them were fond of gathering grandchildren in their house holds especially during holidays and these could give good companionship to them but unfortunately all these visits are currently being banned though with technological skills e.g knowing how to operate smartphone s and computers they will be able to acquire company from their family and friends through digital communication such as video and WhatsApp calls and texts. Ooh.. how interesting and vital this year’s theme is!


  • It slows the progression of cognitive decline thereby enabling them watch online videos and play online games e.g Matatu and Ludo
  • Promotes social engagement hence building companionship and strengthening their relationship with family and friends.
  • Promotes physical health.
  • Older persons being able to go online, the management of their health becomes more simplified for they are able to engage themselves directly in the healing process by getting more knowledgeable about their health statuses and how to conduct themselves.

It’s not that easy to convince every older person about adapting to a new lifestyle but as the whole world is embracing a digital lifestyle, it’s everyone’s concern to help them be in the know about digital life but how? Below are some of the tips that will help encourage them;
1. Explain the relevance of new changes before going into depth.
2. Build on existing knowledge when introducing new technology concepts for them to grasp easily.
3. Avoid technical words instead use a consistent language.
4. Repeat key concepts for them to understand better .
5. Build in regular time for questions so as to capture their attention then watch your pace.


Traditionally and internationally these are people who are 65years of age and above. Different terms are used to refer to the elderly eg seniors/ senior citizens, older-adults and elders in most cultures.
Elderly people have limited regenerative abilities and are more prone to diseases, syndromes, injuries and sickness compared to the young adults. They also face social issues e.g;

  • Retirement
  • Loneliness and Ageism.

According to WHO, the developing world often defines the elderly not by years but by new roles and loss of previous roles.


Caregiver specialists like Care Nursing Assistants Limited and Nursing homes have laid out different ways of assisting the elderly with Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) e.g grooming, bathing plus emphasising the social and personal requirements of senior citizens who need assistance and health care.


  • Everyone would love to age or see their loved one aging with dignity but how and what is meant to be taken caution of.
  • Services. As you think of hiring a caregiver professional, check well to know if their services are really what u need plus the terms and conditions if they suit your preference so as to avoid inconveniences.
  • Employee training. Life is so expensive to just handle it over to Non-professional caregivers therefore always search for a professional caregiver who’s knowledgeable about elderly conditions and management for a better and dignified senescence.

To all the elderly across the world, Care Nursing Assistants Limited wishes you a happy celebrations as we embrace a Digital lifestyle. Happy world Elderly Day.

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