First and foremost, postpartum refers to the period after child birth and emotional care is showing compassion for another person . This can either be verbal or non-verbal to help someone cope with emotions.

Therefore such care is not given by anyone instead those who are passionate and understanding especially professional caregivers, counsellors, medical personnels and a few friends and relatives for positively effective results.


  • It’s the caregiver’s responsibility to inquire and know what the mother needs forexample if she needs to take a shower or a nap because in most cases in the first days after child birth mothers seem to be confused and exhausted.
  • It’s important for caregivers to validate mothers’ emotions by letting them know they are not alone so they can open up about whatever difficulties/ challenges they could be facing.
  • First time mothers experience a rollercoaster of emotions as they adjust to their new roles therefore, it’s  important for caregivers to give a hand in some tasks like diaper change, night time feeding, tidying up etc and this will make them feel like they are not alone hence a relief.
  • Caregivers should be flexible enough to involve friends and relatives as long as the mother is comfortable with it so they can also render some care because it feels good talking to fellows in a similar stage of life for encouragement and advise about motherhood.
  • First time mothers experience a lot of new changes including new terms/ language they have not been used to therefore, it’s the caregivers to provide Information, Communication and Education (IEC) during this period of time.
  • So many mothers are unaware of do’s and don’ts of a breastfeeding mother e.g what to eat and not to eat that’s when caregivers advise on the rightful feeding at times involving nutritionists for better results and a healthy baby.



All mothers and the yet to be mothers should always include a ” professional caregiver” on their budget because for postpartum emotional care and experience a feeling beyond imagination because;

  1. Mothers are relived from hard tasks like laundry and light meal preparations during this period of time since the caregiver sits in as you heal better and take good care of yourself hence rebuilding your strength.
  2.  For first time mothers, caregivers teach you the rightful way to take care of your newly born right from bathing to positioning and this helps you get rid of any fears.
  3.  During this period, caregivers make sure the mother gets good and enough time to rest as they attend to the baby and this helps the mother to refresh.
  4.  Caregivers who are  equipped with massage techniques can offer massage sessions to the mother and these will erase all the bodily pains and fatigue hence promoting muscular rejuvenation. etc 

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