This is when a certain disease becomes resistant to the drugs used in its treatment. In most cases, patients and their families complain of drug resistance but unfortunately they have not been able to find out the real cause.


  • Failure to take medicines as prescribed by physicians e,g taking low or incomplete dosages and this is so common in patients battling life threatening illnesses because in most cases, they consider themselves less important hence losing self-care and love which is not the matter and then also common in teenagers who at times take life for granted.
  • Taking inferior quality drugs¬† also causes drug resistance. It is therefore more important to take prescribed and advised medicines plus keeping it in cool dry places so as not to lose quality.

In most scenarios,family members take long to realize their loved ones are actually resisting to drugs not because they do not care but instead find themselves operating on daily busy schedules all times. These need to hire someone to help them do the follow up and take good care of their loved ones on their behalf though still many of them might not know the right personnel for this case but a well trained CAREGIVER would be IDEAL.

WHY? A well trained caregiver will always have IEC which are; I-Information, E-Education, C- Communication skills that will better both the patients and their families.

Secondly a caregiver will have to ensure DOT (Directly Observed Therapy) which aims at making sure the patient takes medicine and in the rightful measures.

Therefore for any caregiver concerns and help, trust us with your loved ones and live in contentment during the busy times.



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