Combatting is reducing/ fighting against elder abuse which is an intentional act that creates a risk of harm. Older persons are usually descriminated in most societies and their rights abused because they are taken as less important due to the challenges that come along with old age e.g physical impairments and this is so common with young adults forgetting they are the future older persons.


  • It’s always important to assess elderly caregivers to exactly know/find out they are not negative about ageing because these can intentionally create harmful risks. 
  • Choosing well trained, prepared and equipped elderly caregivers with skills and responsibilities is ideal because these can always protect and fight against their abuse.
  • Always eliminate stressful working conditions for caregivers so as the caregiver doesn’t burn out hence causing harm therefore, social and emotional support should be rendered to the caregiver for better results.
  • Engaging older persons in community activities/responsibilities like leadership may contribute to combatting their abuse since they will still be respected and seen as important as young adults.
  • Creating awareness in societies about the relevance of older persons and encouraging young adults to always look up them.
  • Regular checking-in and regular phone calls can also help in combatting elder abuse since here the caregiver cannot create any harmful risks knowing family members usually check-in.
  • NOTE: Sometimes, elder abuse occurs as a result of ignorance during senescence therefore, let’s all be mindful of it so as not to end up isolating ourselves from society activities when we grow old. 


Did you know? The “old is gold” proverb is actually true because whatever is old is precious just like how our grandparents are. The aforementioned proverb teaches that old things shouldn’t be put to waste and the same applies to older persons.

Older persons are always at a higher chance of living their dreams forexample taking their earlier desired trips, driving dream cars, eating what they want  all because they no longer have much bills to pay yet they are in retirement unlike the young adults.

Older persons are privileged to see their grandchildren and great grandchildren and this gives them a unique meaning of life. Sometimes these grandchildren are named after the grandparents and in dome cases they resemble and this feeling is unexplainable.

Older persons are a source of information and research since they are privileged to know what young adults don’t.

Older persons are a source of guidance and counselling to the young adults since they have already been through what we are currently facing as challenges.


Every 1st October annually, this day is celebrated so as to create awareness on how older persons are still relevant to societies based on themes and this year’s celebrations run on a theme entitled ” The Resilience and Contributions of Older Women” in which  Resilience generally means the ability to bounce back yet according to the elderly it’s the sense of being relevant, independent and meaningful and contribution an act of giving.

Below are circumstances in which older women have contributed and been resilient;

  • Older women have not only contributed to the proper upbringing of their children but also the grandchildren thereby emphasizing morals hence being meaningful to their communities.
  • Older women in the communities contribute to advising and educating young mothers especially teenagers about nurturing and health issues since they have already been to that stage and this continues to prove their relevance to the communities where they stay.
  • Older women sometimes play a role of marriage counsellors to the young adults since they have already had a chance to go through most of what the young ones face as challenges and so they help with guidance which makes them meaningful to their communities.
  • Older women in communities are a source of information and wisdom therefore other members usually refer to them for research.
  • Older women contribute to voluntary work in their communities forexample taking care of orphans hence making them relevant.
  • Older women in most societies are widows and they have managed to stand in the gap by taking on responsibilities of their fallen husbands  and this proves their independency.

NB: As Care Nursing Assistants Limited, we take the pleasure to wish all older persons across the universe happy celebrations upon your special day.



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